As promised, in this article we will explain how the $DEBA rewards work, both in general and with real examples.

On the first day (10 December 2020), there will be 996,839 $DEBA tokens minted and distributed.

Let’s look at how the distribution among Yield Vaults works. We have 13 Yield Vaults. Numbering the Vaults from 1 to 13, we assume that TVL for each Vault is correspondent to their number…

We’ve already gone through the motions in our previous articles so most of you should already be familiar with the general concepts behind our Decentralized Bank and know what it’s all about, so we’ll get right into it.

Before that, for those of you who are out of the loop, check out the docs.

Introducing The Yield Vaults

There are 3 types of DeBa Vaults. Yield Vaults, $DEBA LP Vault and the Dividend Vault. We’ll now go through the first one, the Yield Vaults, by category, depending on what is used by the strategy to generate Yields.

We might update this article in time…

Decentralized Bank is excited to open its gates for the Bankers community this week, on the 5th of December! After months of hard work, we are ready to give back something to the community that gave everything to us by creating the DeBa protocol.

The main point of our focus is the community, which we aim to strengthen in the upcoming period together. …

Alright so you’ve read the first article and are now probably wondering what’s that all about? Well, to cut things short, we built a platform that gives people the necessary tools to compete with Wall Street at the same level. How? Well, by turning them into bankers. How could you ever do that?

Let’s get to it. Today, we are announcing the first iteration of DeBa, which while quite robust in terms of possibilities and features, is merely the beginning of what a Decentralized Bank should encompass.

In addition to what we’re publishing right now, we’ll also be publishing a…

Since the advent of institutionalized banking in the early 1900s, society has been repeatedly shown that the guiding principle of banking is enriching the few while enslaving the many.

First we had J.P. Morgan, a lone individual who was able to single-handedly end an economic crisis by using his personal savings and considerable influence to convince other major Wall Street players to do the same.

In a sense, this is similar to what the Federal Reserve Bank would do today, were that situation replicated. …

Decentralized Bank

Rebuilding Wall Street, one block at a time.

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